Jason McVey
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On June 16, 2004 the world lost a great man. But more importantly, my children lost the greatest gift of all- their daddy.
Jason was taken suddenly on a Wednesday night at 7 pm in an agriculture accident. Fortunately, the children and I were able to share his last day with him.
Although our lives have been drastically altered forever, Jason's spirit will always shine in the hearts of his babies- Alexis, Ramsey and Cashe.
I love you, Jas!
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Tributes and Condolences
To Jas!   / Lexi (daughter)
Hey jas.  Ive been thinkin about you lots lately. I happen to look at your page and saw no one hasent written in awhile. . . Its been so long that you seem like a dream. I havent heard you or talked to you in more than six years. Its gettin...  Continue >>
you  / Alexis Law (Daughter)
Boy do we sure miss you! We had state basketball this weekend and won! I got to see Mom Ramsey and Cashe for the first time since thanksgiving! It was fun and I really enjoyed it. We sure wish you were still here to experience these special things wi...  Continue >>
I MISS YOU   / Nichole Forrest (He is my uncle )
Hi Jason I miss you so much i cry thinking of you almost everyday. Everyone misses you and wish you were here. I have a broken elbow but of course you know that. You were my favorite uncle. You will always be
Jason McVey   / Greg And Shirley McVey
I remember when Jason was 10 years old. We were all out at the barn when it came feeding time. The horses were pushing and kicking and Jason got too close. One of the horses kicked him in the head. We were so scared. The doctor said he looked fine, b...  Continue >>
Jason  / Natalie Morris
I remember at any time that I saw Jason he was always happy and always had a smile on his face...and there was never a dull moment when I was with him.

You / Alexis Law (Daughter)    Read >>
just thinking of you  / Kimberly Postier (friend)    Read >>
karen's comment on the kids:  / Amy (wife)    Read >>
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His legacy

On July 25, 2007 the children and I will release 30 balloons (10 green, 10 blue, 9 purple and 1 red) in remembrance of Jason's 30th birthday. If and when the balloon is found, we request an email notifying us of the location. themcveyfamily@hotmail.com

Please contribute as much as you'd like to this memorial by lighting a candle or by leaving a tribute or picture. Any thoughts or comments are welcomed. Also, you may email me and I can place whatever you'd like on the site, if you have difficulties.
I am pleading for input to this site. The children need to know their Daddy. Please write something for the children about Jason. Anything. A good place to start is to write down the first memory that pops into your mind. -And don't stop there. Keep writing. They need to know.
Thanks! -Amy

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Easter 2004- Our Last Family Picture Together.
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