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To Jas!  / Lexi (daughter)
Hey jas.  Ive been thinkin about you lots lately. I happen to look at your page and saw no one hasent written in awhile. . . Its been so long that you seem like a dream. I havent heard you or talked to you in more than six years. Its getting harder to believe you were actually there because its been so long. :'( Its like a dream then we wake up to only realize your not there anymore. We all wish we could see you everyday like we use to be able to. Sometimes i try to remember how your voice sounded and its hard cause i know i dont remember. I cant wait until that day i get to see you again! I know your up there watching down on us. we need you watchin over us. even though we cant see or hear you we know your there. Protecting us :D  It was nice to go and visit you the other day. I think thats what i needed. I felt much better after visiting you. other than the other night its been awhile since I was there last. Im sorry about that. Ive just been so caught up in many things. Time flies by. wayyy to fast. I miss you a lot jas and i thought i should just let you know ive been thinking of you a lot!!  TTYL for now.  Lex
you / Alexis Law (Daughter)  Read >>
you / Alexis Law (Daughter)
Boy do we sure miss you! We had state basketball this weekend and won! I got to see Mom Ramsey and Cashe for the first time since thanksgiving! It was fun and I really enjoyed it. We sure wish you were still here to experience these special things with us. You may not be here physically but you sure are here mentally. Thinking of you LOTS. Love you.XX Lex Close
You / Alexis Law (Daughter)  Read >>
You / Alexis Law (Daughter)
I miss you and think about you often! -lex Close
wish I had known you...  / Christy Nemec (family friend )  Read >>
wish I had known you...  / Christy Nemec (family friend )
I never met you but your family is wonderful. I can't imagine loosen my husband or dad. I just wanted to say one day I will meet you, and tell my brother hi, he's most likely farming ,,,, Close
Condolences / Marty Swift -. Collett (Old Friend )  Read >>
Condolences / Marty Swift -. Collett (Old Friend )

McVey Family-

I am so sorry for your loss.  I had met some of you Mike Jeremy Jason's parents his aunt and his grandparents when he lived in Dodge City in high school with them and when he and I dated.  He was a wonderful guy.  I am glad that he was able to have so many happy years with his wife and children before his accident.  I just happened to run across this site today because I had been wondering what had become of him in the years since I had known him.

I have pictures of him at 18 that I would be happy to provide you with copies of if you would like.

Again I am so sorry for your loss.  I feel that it is mine as well.


Mrs. Marty (Swift) Collett

I MISS YOU  / Nichole Forrest (He is my uncle )  Read >>
I MISS YOU  / Nichole Forrest (He is my uncle )
Hi Jason I miss you so much i cry thinking of you almost everyday. Everyone misses you and wish you were here. I have a broken elbow but of course you know that. You were my favorite uncle. You will always be Close
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