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Jason McVey  / Greg And Shirley McVey

I remember when Jason was 10 years old. We were all out at the barn when it came feeding time. The horses were pushing and kicking and Jason got too close. One of the horses kicked him in the head. We were so scared. The doctor said he looked fine, but just to be safe to get him up every hour throughout the night. I stayed in the living room so I would not go to sleep. I got him up most of the night. Somewhere around 4 am I dozed off and he came in there and asked me if it was time to get up yet. He took care of others people even as a child. We miss him so much.
Greg and Shirley
Jason / Natalie Morris   Read >>
Jason / Natalie Morris
I remember at any time that I saw Jason he was always happy and always had a smile on his face...and there was never a dull moment when I was with him.
just thinking of you  / Kimberly Postier (friend)  Read >>
just thinking of you  / Kimberly Postier (friend)
Jason, it's been awhile since I've talked to you. I do think about you often, I look @ Amy's my space and always look @ those pictures of you. I have moved away from St John so I don't see the kids, I miss seeing them.
You made my laugh, such a great guy. Sure wish I could cut your hair, believe it or not I've gotten better, I manager a salon it Wichita. Who would of thought  that,
take care, my thoughts are with you and your family.
                                         Kimberly Close
karen's comment on the kids:  / Amy (wife)  Read >>
karen's comment on the kids:  / Amy (wife)
"When I was looking through the photo's 90% were of him and Jeremy together.  They did everything together reminds me of Ramsey and Cashe.  They would get mad at each other but you could not keep them apart for long."
ramsey / Amy (wife)  Read >>
ramsey / Amy (wife)
Last night Ramsey and I were sitting in the quiet room together. I asked her if she missed you and thought about you at all. She told me she doesn't miss you because you are always with her. She started talking about you. Such a surprise! 
She said she's thinks about you a lot but doesn't want to talk about you because I cry. 
I asked Ramsey where you are. She told me you live in Heaven but go with her everywhere she goes. You sit on the bench during recess, waiting for her. In her classroom, you wait for her under the table or in a chair. You are always with us behind our car. 
Ramsey said you wear a blue shirt and pants, your brown boots and glasses. You don't wear a hat. She said you have white angel wings. 
She said your house in Heaven is a great big golden home. Jesus lives there with you.
She quieted. She told me you want us all to know that you love us. Then she told me that you were sitting right next to me on the couch. ---I miss you so much, Jason! Why can she see you but I can't? 
Sunday she was talking up a storm to what appeared to me to be just air- no one was there- but it must have been you! Wish I could hear ya!
Later, when we were going to town, I asked Cashe some questions about you, seeing if his answers were the same as Ramsey's. 
Cashe told me you wear a blue shirt, blue jeans and your boots. He said you wear your glasses and ballcap. Your angel wings are white. 
He said you drive behind our car or sometimes sit on top of ours.

I was shocked to hear both of them tell me basically the same description. Can they really see and hear you? Are children capable of these things? I sure hope they still get to be with you, any way they can. Lucky kids!

I know you already heard my conversation with Rams, since you were there. -And my talk with Cashe, too. Stay with us, Jason. We love you.
Cashe / Amy Mcvey (wife)  Read >>
Cashe / Amy Mcvey (wife)
Every morning Cashe and I ride to town together. We listen to music and chat. I love looking in the rear view mirror and watch him. Many times he is sitting quiet, listening to the radio. I always ask him what he's thinking about. He replies, "I'm not thinking about nothin'." Today I asked him the same question and he told me that he wishes you could come back from Heaven and be here with us. I just started bawling. I was so happy to know you are always on his mind, too. That other people miss you just as much as I do. But I was also very upset that my little man has to think about you and long. It just isn't fair that he has to miss you. You should be here.
I thought I made the right decision in getting the kids a bigger home where they could play and stretch- one that would make them happier. But it hasn't. I feel like we left you in town- at the little house. I wish we could move back there today. We want so much to be close to you. I miss you. -And so do the kids. We love you, Jason.
-Amy Close
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